Hello all ,

With Junior Trials and Mini Registrations coming up it is time to prepare,

To make your registration experience a little smoother we would like to promote you to apply for your Active Kids Vouchers Now so you have them ready for the registration process when the window is open.

You will be able to use your voucher to offset your club registration

See below contents of an email that anyone who used the voucher in the past would have received and a link to the site to apply.

Hi Parents and Carers

Thanks for being a part of the Active Kids family. We’re now in our third year and we couldn’t have done it without you.

We’ve had some big wins:

• 2 million vouchers created

• 1.6 million vouchers redeemed

• Over $160mill invested into the NSW sport sector

• 11,000+ providers on board

You can now claim your first voucher for 2020 and redeem at any of our +11,000 providers.

Your first voucher is valid all year with a second voucher available from 1 July, 2020. Two vouchers mean you can have active kids all year.

Yours sincerely

Active Kids Team

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