Hi All,

We hope everyone is enjoying their return to the playing fields, be it still under some restricted training conditions.

Yesterday we received some good news from our Association as we inch our way closer to a start.

Southern Districts have advised the following details in terms of competition starts and re-starts, competition conclusion, semi-finals and grand finals:

# Premier League competition re-commences on Wednesday 01 July.

# All other competition start dates will be the weekend 04/05 July and finish the weekend 19/20 September.

# Modified Semi-finals will be 1v4 and 2v3 – winners go to Grand Final

# All Girls and Ladies Grand Finals at Ernie Smith Reserve on 03/04 October.

# All Division 2 and below (Boys/ Men) Grand Finals at Hammondville Park on 10/11 October

# All Division 1 (Boys/ Men) Grand Finals at Ernie Smith Reserve on 10/11 October.

There will be a need for catch-up fixtures to be played to enable full competition draws to be completed. All teams will be expected to play 2-3 catch-up matches played either or a combination of mid-week nights, or weekends.

Further information on draws and the make-up of non-competition matches to follow soon. Non-competition will also commence on 04 July.

It should also be noted that any washed out matches will not be made up with competition teams given 1 point each. There will be no breaks or spare weeks this season.

Remember, Coronavirus is still active and without a vaccine. Please ensure all protocols and procedures implemented by the Club continue being adhered to.

As always, stay safe and stay tuned for further updates as they arise.

Regards –

Club Committee


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