We all love football and we love that its back, but we must all work together to stay safe.

To help ensure that football can continue to operate and the appropriate safeguards are in place to the reduce the risk of transmission, all players, parents, officials and spectators are required to comply with the following:

Wash and/or sanitize hands before and after attending all training and games.
Players arrive dressed and ready to train or play
Limit the use of change rooms
Players must comply with the 1.5m social distancing rule (except during games)
Do not shake hands, high five or hug other players, officials, team officials or spectators
Do not share drink bottles
Limit the number of spectators that accompany you to training and games
Avoid bringing anyone who is elderly or may be at high or increased risk of illness
Do not attend if you have flu like symptoms or are feeling unwell
Spectators must comply with the 1.5m social distancing rule at all times unless from the same household
All participants and spectators must cover their coughs and sneezes
Players and spectators must not socialize or assemble in groups before, during or after training or games
Once training and games are finished depart the venue as soon as possible
Get tested for COVID-19 if you develop flu like symptoms

Further information can be found at the following links

Football NSW COVID Recommendations

Health NSW covid advice

COVID-19 Testing & Clinic Locations

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